ESEF (European Single Electronic Format)/

E-Balance (Tax Filing)

E-Balance (Tax Filing)/

EHUG (Federal Gazette Publishing)

EHUG (Federal Gazette Publishing)/


Create e-reports in ESEF / iXBRL format/

ReportFactory Tagging Tool allows for tagging of electronic financial reports in Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format. The software provides functionality to extend existing report creation processes for paper and online reports towards digital reports. These digital reports can be analysed by software in an automated way, but they still provide professional human-readable layout. tagging tool meets the requirements of ESMA according to the ESEF (European Single Electronic Format). For this purpose, it provides all required features like import of layout formats, tagging and anchoring, taxonomy extensions, as well as validation and consistency checks.

Tagging Tool

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ReportFactory – our electronic balance sheets specialist/

ReportFactory is particularly suitable for creation of electronic reports in the XBRL format. The software supplements existing ERP or tax software for the purpose of standard-compliant preparation of electronic reports. In doing so, the submission rules (plausibility check) provided by the recipient are taken into account. The creation process, from data capture to rendering to delivery, is supported by easy-to-use reporting tools. Furthermore, the individual requirements of the reporting company can be implemented through flexible customization options in report projects.

Easy installation

Easy installation and updating/

Install and update within a few minutes. Stay up-to-date with software upgrades that include taxonomies and filing components (e.g. ERiC) updates.

Data transfer

Data transfer made easy/

Configurable CSV import (common for ERP / accounting systems) as well as import/export of chart of accounts. Simple roll-forward to the next reporting period. Data exchange to tax/accounting consultants.
SAP balance sheet structure Import
SAP general ledger balances


Run on all platforms/

The application runs on all common operating systems and can be integrated seamlessly into existing internal web servers.

Web service interface

Audit Log/

Upstream systems can be accessed via web service interfaces, eliminating the need for manual data import from accounting/ERP systems.


Account mapping

Account mapping/

  • Mapping of balances using drag and drop
  • Search that includes search suggestions
  • Balance-dependent mapping of bill accounts
  • Balance-dependent mapping of group accounts
Rebookings / Reclassifications

Rebookings / Reclassifications/

  • Account level rebookings
  • Reclassifications at position level
    (to avoid adjustments to the chart of accounts)
Master data / Forms

Customizable workflow/

  • Import ready-made forms from project templates (e.g. master data e-balance etc.)
  • Create forms from any taxonomy position using drag and drop


  • Excel or HTML reports
  • Filtered report positions and items including account balances and rebookings
  • Booking/reclassification journal
Reconciliation account

Reconciliation account/

Alternative approaches:

  • By importing tax balance values
  • By transfer / reclassification
  • Per reconciliation in Excel document
MS Office Integration

MS Office Integration/

  • Excel add-in
  • Taxonomy-compliant Excel templates
Project management

Project management/

  • Specific permission sets for each project member
  • Create reporting projects
  • Project import/export
  • Customizable project configuration
  • Roll-forward projects (automatically adopt settings and data in subsequent periods)
Plausibility check / Filing

Plausibility check / Filing/

  • E-Balance consistency checks
  • E-Balance filing preview
  • E-Balance filing transmission
  • Federal Gazette filing preparation
Installation / Administration

Installation / Administration/

  • Software updates including new taxonomy versions and project templates
  • Stand-alone administration interface
  • Role concept for distinguishing technical administrator, project manager, business user
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