ABZ shall comply with the statutory data protection provisions.

For the purpose of performing this agreement, the customer shall grant ABZ the right to make copies of the data to be stored by ABZ on behalf of the customer, provided this is necessary for providing the services owed under this agreement. ABZ shall also be entitled to keep the data available in a back-up system or separate back-up data centre. In addition, ABZ shall be entitled to make changes to the structure or format of the data for troubleshooting purposes.

The customer’s data shall be regularly backed up on the server operated by ABZ. In addition to the cooperation obligations stipulated in Section 8, however, the customer shall also be able to independently excerpt and back up the data entered and shall even be obliged to do so in accordance with Section 8.

If the customer processes personal data – or has personal data processed by third parties – on the IT systems operated by ABZ, a separate data processing agreement shall be concluded between the parties.