ReportFactory Tagging Tool Release Version 2.7

Dear ReportFactory Tagging tool customer,

we are pleased to announce the availability of ReportFactory Tagging Tool version 2.7.

As of this release, you can roll-forward existing tags to the upcoming reporting period and\or to a new taxonomy. In addition, we’ve improved the security of the PDF conversion and ESEF validation services and fixed the issues caused by providing tags with no values in the external properties file used for auto-tagging, alongside many other improvements.

As a result of the security improvements mentioned above and to ensure uninterrupted access to the PDF conversion and ESEF validation services, please ensure that you have ReportFactory Tagging tool version 2.7 or later installed in your local environments  by the 31st of March at the latest.

Thank you for using ReportFactory Tagging Tool!

Please visit the following link for a changelog.